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Business insurance must meet the specific needs of your company. When you sit down with your agent, you'll learn more about the types of coverage available. One key area to consider is medical expense coverage. Not all business insurance policies offer this. But when it applies, it can really help minimize your costs. READ MORE >>

Workers compensation coverage can be one of the more expensive forms of business insurance. One key factor that plays a role in this cost is the annual review. Workers compensation insurance policies often require this review, which is a look back at the claims filed over the previous 12 months. READ MORE >>

Traveling pet services are a more popular option than ever before. From vets to groomers, these individuals go from one area to the next to provide care to pet owners. They visit homes. They visit shelters. If this is the type of business you have, adequate commercial auto insurance is critical. READ MORE >>

If you run a successful store, you can likely expect a constant stream of customers. But did you know that whenever you open your doors, your business poses risks to those customers? When someone steps onto your premises, they run the risk of sustaining an injury. READ MORE >>

You got through the process of procuring a mortgage to buy a home. Now, you are wondering why your home insurance agent wants to know your credit score. It may not seem like the two have much in common, but they actually do. In fact, your credit score can play a significant role in how much you pay for your home insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Most people assume their vehicle's tires can take a beating and operate without flaws. Modern day tires are tough, but they perform much better when inflated to the proper level. Optimal tire performance can help keep auto insurance rates as low as possible. It only takes a couple minutes to check your tires' air levels. READ MORE >>

A fire wipes out a retail store. A storm destroys a plumbing company's equipment within a few moments. The attorney's office is facing months of impossible repair to a structure damaged by a tornado. What can help these businesses to get back on their feet? Business insurance can help. READ MORE >>

Running a business is an enormous investment and one big loss can be financially devastating. Luckily, there are a variety of business insurance policies available to protect your business from the unforeseen. Contact an agent for more information about state laws in regards to workers compensati... READ MORE >>

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